The Wishlist Begins....

The moderators of the Hooked on Exchanging blog have requested that we start a wishlist so our exchange partners have an idea of what we do and don't like, as well as things we would like to receive. I have never posted one before - I usually get the things I want fairly quickly (after all, stitching is my vice, hobby, therapy and entertainment!) - but I have to admit it is helpful when trying to put together an exchange package for someone else. I know it's a big job running these exchanges, especially as we are such a large group, and I certainly want to make it easier on Carol and Cathy if I can. we go....


I collect embroidery scissors - both old and new, especially unusual or decorative ones, so scissors are always appreciated!

Scissor Fobs

Scissor fobs, keepers, tassels, etc. - whatever you like to call them - if it can hang on scissors handles, I love it! Cross stitched, embroidered, beaded, quilted, tasseled.....etc., etc.


I like seasonal (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) but not Holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc)

Rustic designs - cabins, woods, moose, etc.

Nature - animals, birds, trees, leaves, etc.

Needlework themes - scissors, stitchers and their tools, etc.

Coffee and tea - mostly coffee, though.

Finishing Preferences

Since I am one of the worst about stitching a design and then placing it in the pile of "To Be Finished Someday"... I'm just happy to have a finished item! I do love needlework accessories, though - fobs, needlecases, scissorcases, needlerolls, bags, boxes and tins, etc.

Other Things...

A request has been made for likes that would not require internet purchases so to accomodate that........scenic postcards from sender's locale, dark chocolate, coffees, notepads and notecards.....

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